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Quartz Cluster at We Rock Rocks

Quartz Cluster at We Rock Rocks

Bio: We really do rock rocks! We have two beautiful locations on the west coast of Florida, Tampa and Largo.

There are literally thousands of square feet of crystals, rocks, gems, gemstone jewelry, and bracelets, geodes, sage and so much more.

We have a huge selection a metaphysical items to choose from. With hundreds of different stones and thousands to choose from. Prices starting at just $1.00.

From natural rough stones, to polish and tumbled, from geodes to finished jewelry, from chipped beads to 1400 pound geodes we have something for everyone.

Shop either of our amazing stores (one in Tampa and the other in Largo Florida) to explore and enjoy our various products. Plan on spending hours just exploring and enjoying some of the beauty of this world.

Chipped Beads

Chipped Beads

Quartz, jasper, obsidian,apache tears, zeolites,  fossils, salt lamps, Shiva lingam, tekite, hematite, amethyst, rose quartz, fushite, mica, lepidolite, alantasite, morganite, mineral specimens, 133 ocean jasper, carnelian, polychrome jasper, turquoise, blue. yellow, green apatite, diopside, meteorites,   geodes, agate, snow quartz, calcite: blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, brown,054 tanzanite, topaz, nickel, copper, galena, jade,malachite, chrysocolla, aura quartz, angelite, celectite, cavansite, shungite, danburite, desert rose,aura quartz selenite lamps, towers, rods, palm stones, sheets, worry stones chipped bead necklaces, bracelets, sterling silver and natural gemstone jewelry, candle holders, massage wands, selenite worry stones, gem bottles, tigers eye, sodalite,citrine and amy smoky quartz, gem trees, pearls, amazonite, flourite, lapis lazuli, moldavite, lapodorite,  sharks teeth, ammonites, orthos, amber, teak wood, and much more.

Join us in learning more about the amazing abundance of our planet. There is something new to dig up everyday.

Citrine from We Rock Rocks

Citrine from We Rock Rocks

3445 C East Bay Dr. Largo Fl 33771

14975 N Nebraska Ave Tampa Fl 33613

Call for information 941-915-1046


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  1. While vacationing last week, I was excited to see your store. My five-year-old grandson loves rocks & minerals. I purchased several for him including Florida corral that you so kindly searched for while I was shopping. You have a wonderful knowledge of your stock. I was impressed with the amount of information provided with most of them. And, of course, nothing grabs attention like something that sparkles.. I will return during my next visit to Florida.

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